I have been working as an Executive Producer in the following  projects:

Santa Claus and the Magic Drum 1 x 50’ animation film, 1993 – 1995


Santa Claus and the Magic Drum 1 x 50’ animation film, Author Mauri Kunnas. Co-production with Inter-pannonia Hungary 1994-1995: YLE’s best seller program globally in 1996.

This Christmas Special animation was co-produced together with SVT in Sweden, NRK in Norway, DR in Denmark and RUV in Island.



Risto Räppääjä 13 x 5′ animation, 1998 – 2000

ImageRisto Räppääjä is book series created by a famous Finnish authors Sinikka and Tiina Nopola. The TV-animation series started when Jussi-Pekka Koskiranta as a Head of Children’s Programmes contacted the authors and suggested an animation project.

Book illustrations were made by a Finnish artists couple Sami Toivonen and Aino Havukainen. They joined the project and too talented Finnish animators were hired to do the actual animation work Pekka Jääskeläinen and Leena Korhonen.

Series was completed in 2000 and it was co-produced together with Nordic TV Broadcasters.

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Pasila 64 x 23′ animation, 2007 – 2013

Pasila animation series is written and directed by Atte Järvinen and is animated by Anima Vitae

Pasila animation series is written and directed by Atte Järvinen and is animated by Anima Vitae

I was Yle’s producer to help our commissioning editor in the start of this fantastic animation project. The scripts were really funny already from the beginning.

It was clear from the beginning of the production that the big audience will be in internet. By clicking  the title you can watch one episode in English.

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The ABC of Sex (Seksin ABC) 13 x 26′, 2010

The ABC of Sex was broadcasted on YLE in 2010.

The ABC of Sex was broadcasted on YLE in 2010.

The ABC of Sex is a series of 13 episodes about sexuality. It was produced by Niko Sarlin/ By Hand Production Oy and I was the Yle’s producer in the production.

The series is not only animation for TV but also a web site with flash games.

Writers of the series were Niko Sarlin and Timo Surkka.

Read more about the production in here.



Doghill (Koiramäki) 13 x 5′, full animation, 2007

Doghill animation series is based on a famous Finnish children book by Mauri Kunnas

Mikko Kunnas animated a series based on a famous children book from his uncle Mauri Kunnas.

Doghill is a story about everyday living on Finnish farm house on a country side in the 18th century. And as the name of the series tells; All the  characters are dogs!

The production was co-produced together with the Nordic Boradcasters SVT, NRK, DR and RUV.



Cat’s Life 6 x 5′, full animation, 2000

Cat’ Life 6 x 5′ is a full animation created by Markus Majaluoma (Yle)

Cat’s Life (Kissan elämää) is a animation series from Markus Majaluoma, well known Finnish children’s books author.

The series is a story about a stray cat Unski who is tired to travel around the world. When he turns back home he meets his new friend – a newborn baby. The baby is eager to listen all the fanzy stories which Unski will tell him about his adventures.  The series is co-produced together with Nordic Public Broadcasters.



Galilei and the Lost Toys (Galilei ja kadonneet lelut), 1995 – 1997


Galilei adn the Lost Toys 40 x 30′ live animation show in 3D

Galilei and the Lost Toys (40 x 30 minutes) was a Finnish live TV game show on channel YLE TV2 in 1996-1997. It was a live 3D animation game created for television. The program was aimed for pre-school children who were asked to solve puzzles on a live TV show with a real time 3d animated character Galilei, a toy dog.
Children were able to participated the live show by telephone. Every 30 minutes show had 4 children to join and help Galilei.
The media company Sansibar Ltd released two computer games based on that television program: Galilei and the lost toys in 1997, and Galilei 2: The Island of Adventures in 2000.
Galilei won several prizes: The best children’s animation at Barcelona television festivals and in 2000 the Galilei game won Finland Prize (Suomi- palkinto).
Galilei was the supported by TEKES and the National multimedia program (KAMU) and EU Media program.

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Listen the opening tune

The Three Agents (Kolme ässää) 33 x 5′ cut out animation, 1994

The famous Three Agents; Salla, Sakke and Saastamoinen dog (YLE)

The famous Three Agents; Salla, Sakke and Saastamoinen dog (YLE)

The Three Agents series was written by Simo Ojanen and animated by Mikko Kunnas. The cut out technique was developed very carefully so that all the charter pieces were able to re-use as much as possible.

The animation was shot on video 4:3 and altogether  the series had 26 episodes + 6 special episodes for Christmas and the winter season.

The series was co-produced together with Nordic Public Broadcasters and and the German TV Broadcaster NDR.

Viivi & Leevi 13 x 7′ clay animation, 1998


Leevi made of clay in Tuula Pukkila’s animation Viivi & Leevi (YLE)

Tuula Pukkila has been creating many famous clay animations for YLE’s children’s programmes in past years like Taikuri Savinen (1978) and Lohikäärme Justus (1986).

Viivi & Leevi format planned already from the beginning for the international markets without any sync dialogue. Music is playing an important role in the series. The series was produced together with the Nordic TV Broadcasters.

Hugo interactive TV show, 1992 – 1993


Taru Valkeapää the famous presenter of Finnish Hugo TV show in 1993 (YLE)

Hugo the TV troll is an international media franchise which was created by the Danish company ITE in 1990 for the purpose of interactive television for children. It is based on the titular fictional character of Hugo, a friendly, small Scandinavian folklore troll fighting against the forces of evil, often to save his family.

I localized this interactive TV game for YLETV2 on 1993. It was a historical live show because viewers were able to join the show by their telephones and direct the TV game on a live show by their touch tones.

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Pikku Kakkonen – Number one pre-school children’s magazine show in Finland since 1977, Head of the department 1993 – 2005


The famous logo of Pikku Kakkonen, the famous children show still running since started in 1977

Pikku Kakkonen (Finnish for “Tiny two”) is an ongoing Finnish magazine-type children’s TV show shown on YLE TV2. The first episode aired on January 11, 1977. I was in charge of the production as a Head of the Department 1993-2005. Pikku Kakkonen used to finish with a bedtime story read by Lasse Pöysti and an East German Sandman animation, setting the format for hundreds of later episodes.
The Pikku Kakkonen show is based in Tampere and is one of the oldest still running TV programs in Europe.

Read more here.



Demoklubi – competition for unsigned bands, 2007 – 2008


Demoklubi – music competition TV show for unsigned bands

Competition for unsigned bands in Finland. Real cross media production with web site, social media, radio and TV. Over 200 bands sent their demos for the voting which carried out in three steps on the web site by the promotion of YLEX radio and TV2.

The finals were broadcasted live from Tampere both on the web and TV. The winner was Valve from Jyväskylä. I was the cross media producer and directed the live finals TV show. Heta Hyttinen was the host of the show.

See the program logo here.

Mielensäästäjä – Interactive Live Cross Media Production for TV,  2007 – 2008


Mielensäästäjä program on YLE Extra TV channel.jpg

Mielensäästäjä was a historical cross media production for TV channel to be used as filler between TV slots. Mielensäästäjä was live cross media program were on TV screen you were able to see different type of animals and collect those characters to your own web site profile. The idea was this: You created your web profile on the Mielensäästäjä web site taged by your telephone number. When you then watched TV show and you noticed some new animal on the screen you called the Mielensäästäjä telephone number. The computer in a studio noticed your telephone number and sent the new charater to your web profile. The technical solution was really unique and the best part was that the phone call was free of charge (the computer program picked up your number before connecting the call!).

More about YLE Extra


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